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Extract from RYA website. "Boats with red diesel in their tanks can continue to visit Belgium without fear of fines"

On 26 September 2017 the RYA secured confirmation from the Belgian Ministry of Finance that controls in Belgium for red diesel remain suspended until further notice.

It is unlawful in Belgium to use red diesel for propelling a private pleasure craft. Boating in Belgian waters with marked 'red' diesel in your fuel tanks put you at risk of receiving a fine (of €500 - €5000). This has been the case since the beginning of this decade.

However the Belgian Government has now acknowledged that its approach is different to that of its near neighbours (France and the Netherlands). Belgian customs has therefore suspended all controls [for marked 'red' diesel in pleasure craft] until further notice.

It should however be noted that this is not a change to the Belgian legislation. It is simply a statement that the law will not be enforced in the short term. As a key stakeholder in this developing situation, we have been assured that the RYA will be notified if the situation in Belgium is to change.

In order to maintain a clear picture of this developing situation, we would urge anyone who is fined in Belgium for having red diesel in their tanks to email giving as much detail as possible.

Meanwhile the UK Government has reaffirmed its longstanding stance to ensure the availability of diesel at the waterside for recreational boating. If the UK was forced to change to unmarked “white” diesel for recreational craft, it is likely that suppliers would find it difficult to make the significant investment to install additional tanks and pumps. The RYA will continue to monitor this matter closely and will keep boat owners informed as the situation progresses.