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HR36 ELANIK incident

Regretfully, I am reporting that "ELANIK" our Hallberg Rassy 36 has been the victim of a most unfortunate incident.

Elanik was wintering ashore at Multi Nautique, near La Roche Bernard, southern Brittany.
During the 1st January, one yacht on a cradle was blown over. A domino effect then toppled five other yachts. Elanik was No4.
Damage occurred to all yachts but the greatest was to Elanik.
Both hull sides have been badly grazed. Stanchions bent, toe rail, rubbing strake and rigging damaged.
One of the legs of the trestle also penetrated the starboard hull at waterline level, a major re-construction job.

Elanik has served us well for the past 17years, visiting all coastline countries from Sweden to Cyprus and logging 25,000 NM.

She did not deserve to be mutilated in this manner and we now await the negotiation between insurers - surveyors - and repairers.

If any member has experienced similar (hopefully not) and can offer any advice pertaining to her rebuild it would be appreciated. See HROA Forums to post a reply.

Alan and Elizabeth Hickman