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30th Anniversary Rally Weekend

An excellent weekend of events in and around Portsmouth Harbour culminating in a gala dinner at HMS Alliance to celebrate 30 years of the association with members past and present.

Friday saw us toasting the HROA President's HR34 Kudu 21st birthday, as she was dressed overall alongside the pontoon at the Hornet, while members enjoyed a magnificent hog roast and a spirited round of sea shanties led by our own Kevin Duffy, skipper of the HR352 Celtic Silver in a balmy Indian Summer start to the weekend of events in and around Portsmouth Harbour.

By Saturday, rally goers could chose between the D Day Museum, or the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard with a personal tour of the Mary Rose led by a guide with remarkable in depth knowledge of the Tudor wreck. Back to Gosport for the evening's gala dinner at HMS Alliance with a private tours of the museum and the submarine first launched in 1947.

We heard from past Commodores Jenny Sergeant and Norman Robson about the early years of the association, and were lucky enough to have two senior 'perishers', submarine commanders, at our dinner to give a hint to the experience of serving the nation 'under the sea' from our guest Rear Admiral Peter Davies RN and HR Rasmus skipper Commodore Christopher Roddis.

The weekend culminated in a walking tour of the old harbour town of Portsmouth on Sunday morning, or at least what's left of it! Congratulations to our organiser, HROA Social Secretary Sue Ross, for a brilliant rally,

You can see more of the rally in our Photo Gallery area.