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Innovation in sail manufacture

Members enjoyed a presentation at the Elvstrom sail loft in Port Hamble Marina

A small but dedicated group of HROA Members enjoyed a fast blast through the latest innovations in the complex world of the sailmakers' art, being shown the latest materials in laminates and dacron sails by Jerry and Andy from Elvstrom Sails UK at their Humble sail loft.
Jerry showed a brief video of his own invention, the Blue Water Runner, which is designed for long passage making down wind with an amazing rotary furler base that releases only as much as you want of the symmetric twin furling head sail, locking in either direction of pull with a single tug: It has to be seen to be believed. Considerably cheaper than the much famed 'Parasail', the Blue Water Runner has enjoyed quite a take up from the ARC crews for their downwind sleigh ride to St Lucia. Over 120 sails sold so far since launch this year.
We also saw a smart code zero without any cables, considerably easier not only to stow below, but also to handle on deck, and were told how Elvstrom bought Sobstad to get this hands on the patented laminate technology. Elvstrom offer a unprecedented three year guarantee on the laminate sails. Andy said that the recent Southampton boat show was frustrating with many newer sail makers offering cheaper cloth but similar designed sails, at a lower price than Elvstrom. But he warned that he was shocked at just how thin the sail material some of those sailmakers were offering.
Like Hallberg Rassy, you get what you pay for: Elvstrom continue to provide all the sails for Hallberg Rassy.