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Winter events HROA visit to the Royal Albert Hall

Backstage tour reveals the secrets of the famous concert hall

Strictly limited to only thirty, this special tour behind the scenes art one of the world' most iconic venues was 'waitlist only' almost as soon as it went on the HROA website. HROA members were treated to an hour exploration both above and below the famous hall that will soon be celebrating its 150th birthday, discovering that dug below the Victorian foundations there's a whole two floors sunk housing staff and back stage areas including a delivery ramp for lorries.

Our guide showed us the modern lights and heavy gantry equipment hung from the Victorian cast iron girders that make up the current show 'Circe du Soleil' weighing up to forty tons. The strength of the elderly roof is impressive, modern structural engineers estimate it will hold up to 100 tons, and it is often tested. Beneath the hall lay winding corridors connecting changing rooms, repair facilities and a staff restaurant, with an ice machine that works so well that they often have to stop producing ice as the water supply runs out for the 'facilities' when the audience come in for shows. All the furniture is removable, allowing the floor space to be built to house an amazing variety of shows, fro sport, tennis and boxing, to stage shows, and of course, concerts.

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