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31 Aug - 01 Sep 2019 - East Coast Rally..... 13-15 Sep 2019 - 30th Anniversary Rally..... 13-22 Sep 2019 - Southampton Boat Show..... 10 Jan 2020 - HROA AGM and DInner..... 24-26 Apr 2020 - HROA Spring Rally - Yarmouth/Royal Solent YC

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The Committee for 2019 is in the attached document. Their full contact details can be found in the Members Area (under Information) or in the Members Handbook.

HROA Committee 2019 

Our Privacy and Data Protection Policy, including compliance with GDPR, is in the attached document.

Privacy and Data Protection Policy  E-mail us with any queries about this

We are very pleased that so many people are now actively using the HROA Cruising Facebook page to plan informal gatherings and meet up with other members. However, an increasing number are using the page to post photos and videos of their individual experiences. Whilst these are interesting and often artistic, this was not what the page was originally intended for and such postings cause problems to those who are accessing the internet whilst roaming. In order to cater for both types of usage, we have set up a new Facebook page, HROA Chat for the informal news, photos and videos, and hope to keep HROA Cruising for the specific purposes of arranging to meet other members and sharing information of navigational interest.

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Frank Singleton has provided a series of links to live sources of weather forecast information. These links can be found in the Members Area under Information - Articles Database, or click on the link below.

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